East End Saffron 1g

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East End Saffron


Culinary application of saffron

Due to the cost, taste and coloring properties of saffron, small amounts are used for culinary purposes - the key is to distribute evenly the spices in the dish. It can be crushed into a fine powder in a mortar, but it is easier to dissolve a pinch of spice in a cup of hot water - then the desired taste and color will be created. Good quality saffron should increase its volume when in contact with water, so one cup is enough for 0.5kg in rice. Powdered saffron is added directly to the prepared dish, but you should pay special attention to its quality before you buy, as it is often counterfeit. Saffron should be stored in a cool, dry place away from light.

Saffron appears Moorish, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Its most common task is discoloration of yellow rice, such as the Indian pilgrim dish or risotto "Milanese", which, thanks to the delicate taste of spices, is the most famous Italian rice dish. It fits well with fish and seafood and is also a key ingredient of the Spanish paella and bouillabaisse. In England, saffron is most commonly used as a component of Cornish saffron rolls, and it is also added to yeast dough with dried fruit.


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