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About us

Welcome to!

This site is a platform for business customers (wholesale purchases) and belongs to the company:

Bombay Bazaar Ashish Hinduja

ul. Poprzeczna 52s/1

05-506 Lesznowola


Contact: 516 500 898

We work from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm.

If you are interested in the offer presented on this page please click on the "REGISTER" button in the top right corner and send us a short message about your company and its activities (eg shop, beauty salon, restaurant, hotel, etc ..) . After verification (up to 24 hours), we activate the client's business account in the system.

If you have further questions, our team is at your disposal.

If you are interested in retail shopping, please visit our website

Welcome to the Sattva Group!
Bombay Bazaar is a friendly and friendly place where we offer original Indian products, professional customer service and culinary and cooking advice since 2009.

We are the exclusive distributor of SATTVA AYURVEDA and SWATI AYURVEDA (Ayurvedic cosmetics), EAST END (Indian delicatessen) and ORGANIC WELLNESS (Organic Tulsi tea and organic dietary supplements).

The word sattva means goodness, positiveness, truth, health, serenity, holistic view of the world, creativity, constructivity, balance, confidence, peace, purity, inner need of Dharma and Jana.

The Sattva Group was founded by Ashisha Hinduja, who had always been bound to bond with the world of Sattva.

In the Sattva group we have a story to share, a story that helps the human being to live healthier and better.

Today, the Sattva group carries under its wings the reputation of several brands.

1. Swati Ayurveda - Ayurvedic natural Indian cosmetics created with 5,000 years of Ayurvedic legend and ritual, combined with modern science to heal our bodies in every way.

2. Organic Wellness - Organic Tulsi teas along with a list of dietary supplements to help us become healthier internally, along with the Tulsi herb, which has returned to us with the 5000-year-old Ayurvedic legend.

3. East End - Healthy Indian foods consisting of exotic healthy spices, sauces, pasta, wheat flour, and basmati rice.

4. Healing Nature - Bio-certified EKO products with unrefined coconut oil, pure ghee butter, palm sugar and a much larger range of everyday consumable products.

5. The mother of all brands is Bombay Bazaar, which was registered in 2009. It is a Polish company that deals with import, export and other documents and certificates necessary to run a business on a global scale.

Sattva, the way of life is divided into different paths.

The Sattva lifestyle helps every human being on this planet live better in a healthy lifestyle through a range of products and reputable registered brands as mentioned above.

In the Sattva group, we help solve the most difficult problems of our clients, heal them through the path of Ayurvedic herbs that help build inner strength. Natural cosmetics that support the well-being of externally and healthy Indian spices that cure our body internally and externally.

The motive of Sattva from the beginning was to improve the quality of people's lives to make them richer through health. The way to solve problems is to be motivated and enthusiastic at all times.

Sattva business is for people, clients, clients like you and me who want to work for themselves.

For those who want to achieve something on their way of life, by helping others while helping themselves.

The Sattva Group, step by step builds its business, brick-to-brick and uses its tools, that is, from the 4 brands we work with and through which we make changes in our society.

We all belonged to the Sattva group from the very beginning we believed only in victory and in good relations with customers, suppliers and employees.

In this process where everyone has the chance to win, along with the deliveries we have gained, they have helped us grow quickly and gain loyalty among our suppliers and customers, not only in Poland but throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

Our brands are in more than 300 locations all over the country and are available today in 6 European countries.

We are planning to be successful in all EU, Persian Gulf countries and USA in the coming years.

The Sattva Group donates 1% of annual profits and donates to the most needy charities in Poland to support them and help create a better place for everyone in the world.

Together, let's heal the world.

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