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Art, history, and culture

over the centuries

The Sattva Natural Incense Company was founded in collaboration with a family group in India to produce the finest incense and provide our customers with a fresh and clean product.

Our Masala (mixture) is made from honey, rare wood powders, essential oils, spices and exclusive resins to make the incense softer, resembling gum and releasing a unique fragrance of exceptional quality.

We only use natural ingredients without petrochemicals.

Incense sticks bring peace and serenity if done with peace and quiet and with the highest quality natural ingredients.

Traditional incense Sattva

Made in India

Our mix is prepared according to a secret recipe, as it was 400 years ago, according to the ancient Vedic sciences, moon phases, orbits of the sun and planets, and very valuable traditional secrets. Masala is a living potion, so it must be treated with great care and calm during production.

Its ingredients are secretly mixed at different times. Our incense sticks are handmade only and exclusively. They weigh 2.0 grams and they burn for about 60 - 70 minutes.

 Offer only rack without incense sticks.

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