Samahan Natural Ayurvedic Tea 10pcs

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 Samahan Natural Ayurvedic Tea 10pcs

100% natural Ayurvedic tea. Safe and effective herbal remedies for relieving symptoms of colds, flu, runny nose, cough and more!

Samahan Tea is a combination of 14 selected Ayurvedic herbs that help you regain vitality and recover faster.

Samahan is a natural remedy for colds and all sorts of infections in the body! Works warming up. It can be added to hot milk, your favorite tea or simply mixed with water.

Samahan can be drunk daily - thanks to its natural plant components it does not cause any side effects.


- sore throat

- cough

- muscle aches

- weakness of the body

- runny nose


- Vishnukranthi

- Siritekku

- Venivel

- Ginger

- Vasaka

- Pathpadagam

- Katuwelbatu

- Galangal

- Black Pepper

- Cumin

- Ajowan

- Coriander

- Long pepper

- Liquorice

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