​East End Amchoor Powder 100g

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East End - Amchoor Powder 100g

Application of culinary mango powder

The use of powdered mango is mainly limited to Indian cuisine, where it is used as an acidic ingredient in all curries, soups, marinades and chutney sauces. Dried slices add curry spice, and as an ingredient in other blends, as turmeric emphasizes the sour taste of the dish.

Mango is especially useful as a marinade ingredient, thanks to the properties that make the meat become brittle, as well as lemon or lime juice. If you need three tablespoons of lemon or lime juice, one teaspoon of mango powder will give you the same result. Mango is a great addition to the taste of chicken and fish, and you can also try fish skewers and fish kebabs with this spice.

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