Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil 300 ml

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Producent: Dabur
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Effective remedy for dandruff - usually eliminates dandruff after use once. The oil is recommended for light hair - it does not dim.

At the same time, the oil stimulates the hair cells and hair follicles to grow faster.
Improves the density, elasticity of the hair and increases the tensile strength. Controls the graying process.

Gives and nourishes hair without over-greasing them. Prevents dandruff, soothes scalp irritations.

Natural hair oil is derived from herbs, plant extracts and minerals, which are made according to original recipes.

Amla Oil contains Amla Fruit Extract (Indian gooseberry), which makes your hair springy, healthy, shiny, nourished from the inside.

Amla has a fresh, oriental fragrance that is the secret of beautiful women's hair from India.

Ingredients: Henna - protects against oxidation, retains and strengthens their natural shade and gives them a shimmering shine, improves the look of hair, also those damaged by chemicals, hair becomes thicker. It is strongly rejuvenating, antioxidant and revitalizing. Almond - especially recommended for baby's skin care (it is very gentle, does not irritate, calms), makes the hair soft. Perfect for all skin types, distributed without gravity, is well absorbed.

Expiry date: 11/2017

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